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  • New Holland Roll-Belt Round Balers

    New Roll-Belt. Change your baling style

    New Holland has led the round baler segment in Australia for over 25 years, and has introduced a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised the way variable chamber balers operate today. Over 225,000 roll belt balers are working around the globe in the expert hands of farmers and contractors to bring the harvest home. The latest generation is set to redefine round baling with advanced roll belt technology that can improve capacity by up to 20% and density by up to 5%. What’s more, operations can select between a 150cm or 180cm maximum bale size to suit their individual needs. The Roll-Belt baler will also captivate the eye with its distinctive sweeping lines, which add a touch of class to every baling operation.


    Think variable chamber productivity. Think New Holland Roll-Belt baler.


    The Roll-Belt guarantees top drawer bale quality. Always.


    The Roll-Belt baler belongs in the field, and efficient servicing and maintenance mean your baler will spend more time in the field, earning its keep, as opposed to being kept.

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    ROLL-BELT – Overview | Balers & Haytools | New Holland (Australia) | NHAG
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